Ignition Kit, Boyer Bransden MkIV
Ignition Kit, Boyer Bransden MkIV - $150.00

The Boyer Bransden MKIV is a contactless ignition-triggering system featuring an electronic advance and retard. Designed to fit all British unit-construction singles and twins, this system is powered by your Lucas-style stator. Twins require two 6v coils wired in series, while the Singles take a 12v coil. The Boyer also retains the original capacitor, rectifier and zener diode, all three of which can be replaced by a single unit, the solid-state Sparx box. The MkIV is the best Boyer choice for off-road, battery-less use. Special order, takes two days.

Motorcycle Manufacturer BSA, Rickman, Triumph
Motorcycle Model A50, A65, B25, B40, B44, B50, C15, T100, T120, T140, Tiger Cub, TR6
Motorcycle Year All