Fork Wipers, Betor/Bultaco
Fork Wipers, Betor/Bultaco - $25.00

Wipers for 35mm Bultaco Betor forks are available in two styles, the original, smooth style used up to 1974, and the"finned"type with the thumbs-up logo, found on later bikes. Both are approximately 2-1/2"tall, and can be used in place of the 2"version found on Ossas and Rickmans. Sold as a pair.

Motorcycle Manufacturer Any, Bultaco, Ossa, Rickman
Motorcycle Model #18, #42, #48, #68, Alpina, Any, M.A.R., Matador, Metisse, Micro Metisse, MkIII, MkIV, Phantom, Pursang, Sherpa T, Stiletto
Motorcycle Year All

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