Shocks, NJB Clubman Trials
Shocks, NJB Clubman Trials - $160.00

NJB's Clubman shock is designed to satisfy the less-serious trials rider. These inexpensive shocks are lightly damped and sprung, come in a 13.0", 13.4" or 13.75" lengths and have an 11mm shaft with three inches of travel. A cam-type preload adjuster and twin springs allow the Clubman shocks to suit a wide range of bike weights.

Motorcycle Manufacturer Any, Bultaco, Cotton, Greeves, Honda, Kawasaki, Montesa, Ossa, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha
Motorcycle Model Anglian, Any, B25, B40, C15, Cota, M.A.R., RL250, Scottish, Sherpa T, Tiger Cub, TL125, TL250, TY175, TY250
Motorcycle Year All

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