Engine Work

From top to bottom, inside to out, we can rebuild your engine or assist with any of your mechanical or cosmetic needs.

Professional Engine Rebuilding

Our engine rebuilds concentrate on mechanical excellence, but also excel in cosmetics. This Bultaco engine received disassembly, cleaning, beadblasting, polishing, crankshaft rebuilding, cylinder reboring, painting, rechroming, hardware replating, more careful cleaning and reassembly before reaching its new home. It's what we do!

Crankshaft Rebuilding and Balancing

We can rebuild/true your pressed-up crankshaft, have journals ground, rods refurbished and cranks dynamically spin-balanced, for all single- and multi-cylinder engines.

Cylinder Boring

Give your cylinder the best of attention. Straight, round bores, with the right amount of crosshatch for good oil retention and ring support, are the signs of a job well done. We can supply the piston kit for most common bikes. $65 per bore.

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